The "Make Clinton President Again" Hat

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Let's #UNTRUMP America and remind ourselves, and the world, that we're about pluralism and opportunity, not fear and greed! Let's exalt greater ideas than arrogance! Let’s get yet another Clinton in the Oval Office: this one will not only enable prosperity for all, fight Climate Change, but be better behaved. Share this up on Instagram etc with hashtag #Untrump.

Here’s our endorsement of Hillary, if you want to know where we’re coming from: search "Clinton endorsement," since we can't eff-ing hyperlink in this listing.

Blue cotton twill hat. Screen-printed in the USA. One size fits all, even disaffected Republicans who respect their party's principles over Trump's latest meanie riff.

All elephant orders are shipped personally out of Boulder, Colorado, by Jackson.


Note: Because we couldn't find a single trucker hat that's still made in the USA (even though there's nothing more American than a trucker hat), we’re offsetting each and every hat with a donation to a wild horse rescue & rehabilitation center.