Maitri: How to Fall in Love with your Sweet Self.


Fall in love with your life, your purpose, and your sweet, messy, imperfect self.

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"The course is easily accessible and doable. Do not be afraid to begin." ~ Rachel, Alumnus

Taking this course won't help make you better.

It'll help you make friends with yourself as you actually are.

Maitri is the path of developing an unconditional friendliness toward every part of our sweet selves—so that we can be fully available to ourself, our life, our loved ones, and this world.

Maitri is about more than self-care. It's about more than spa days and epsom salts.⁠


It’s about becoming strong, grounded, confident, resilient, relaxed, with a light touch. It's about becoming ourselves.


It’s not about Self-Help—it's not about getting “better”—it's about recognizing the sweet heart that's always been here.

Right here.