"It’s Never too Late to Fall in Love with your Life." ~ Waylon H. Lewis. Unsigned Copy.

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It's Never too Late to Fall in Love with your Life. ~ Waylon H. Lewis


This copy is unsigned. For the signed edition, click here.


It's Never too Late to Fall in Love with your Life is simple: daily quotes with commentary to start your mornings off right. With a mix of everyday Buddhism, practical tips, humor, criticism, and mindful life lessons learned the hard way, this book distills everything you (or a young friend or loved one) might want to learn the easy way. 

"Often the best moments of our lives arise within the pauses

between our endless hurrying.
Slow down.
Enjoy your coffee for-here.
Eat sitting down.
Don’t text and walk or drive.
Just text fully.
Communicate fully.
Eat fully.
Be fully.
Live fully.
Love fully.
Feel fully.
Presence is just one pause away.
Multitasking takes us away from the magic of this moment.
It’s never too late to fall in love with your life."
~ Waylon H. Lewis

Waylon H. Lewis' long-awaited second book follows his best-selling Things I would like to do with You, also available in this shop. 

Like Things, this book is eco-printed, in the USA, and only available here at Elephant Shop.

The cloth cover is literally the only plastic-free cloth (most cloth covers nowadays are...plastic). Most non-cloth covers are plastic-layered.⁠

It's ink-free, the ink is algae, which sucks up carbon!⁠

It's printed locally. 46 blocks away. At a place that pays folks real living wages, and then some.

It's shipped plastic and styrofoam free, including even the tape, unlike most.⁠ Cardboard and paper tape! It's easy, please pass this on or request this of other vendors.

The paper is 100% recycled/pcw, chlorine-free, sustainably-harvested, Green Seal, Forest Stewardship Council and Rainforest Alliance-certified paper via Neenah Conservation. It's the greenest paper (like Things Forest edition) I've ever used.⁠

This book is carbon-negative—we planted 76 more trees.

It's Amazon-free.⁠

It's important for marketing to be honest, about connection, not suckering. So here's honest: ⁠

The glue will be the least toxic available, far better than most.⁠

The gold foil isn't recyclable, or compostable, but it is gorgeous. That's the only element that isn't super eco-responsible that we haven't found a solution around.⁠