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"Things I Would Like To Do With You," ~ by Waylon H. Lewis (Ebook)

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"Things I would like to do with You" is now available as a beautiful ebook PDF available on any tablet. With original illustrations—and five new chapters! The only thing more eco than an eco book is an invisible book—take it wherever you go.


We, unfortunately, cannot offer returns on eBooks.


ABOUT THIS BOOK*: "Things I would like to do with You" is about love. A love for a new generation—a love that includes room for independence, change, humor...even loneliness. Poetically searching through four seasons, Things is a sweet book to curl up with. 

The mindfullest book: Printed and bound in the United States on chlorine-free 30% recycled, 100% sustainably-harvested paper with vegetable-based inks and a plastic-free cloth cover. Each book is offset with a donation to save an orphaned elephant baby (Sheldrick Trust).

*If you would like your book signed, please refer to and order Signed by Author book*

"Your words are ignition, and they are, at the same time, the peaceful water that quenches and soothes my thirsty soul. I've been saving for this book, and I greatly anticipate holding it in my hands and in my heart. Thank you."

"Waylon’s words describe not the kind of love that is talked about in glossy magazines, romance novels or that we usually find expressed in sensual movies. His stories show another version… The kind that I had held a whisper of hope existed, but, up until then, had not seen any proof of. I was immediately moved." ~ Alex Myles, elephant author

"Beautiful, heartfelt, sexy, inspirational and incredibly well written book. Waylon is a true romantic." ~ Seane Corn, Yoga teacher


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Waylon Lewis likes to think he snowshoes hut-to-hut and builds nail-less tiny houses in trees while drinking wild-crafted teas from herbs he has gathered in the woods beside his faithful half-hound, Redford. In reality, he founded Elephant Journal. 

"Love is no thing, and nothing is a gift, space is a playground, and time and distance are merely cold peaks and green valleys in the topography of genuine love. Love does not require a map: it makes its way across the miles. Love does not heed the time; it does not care for one or two moons. Love is not bothered by obstacles—they form the high sides to the left and right of this rocky path. This path does not depend upon external signs: love will find its own way. And my love will wait, a tiger in the tall grass, and my love will relax and curl up then stretch out and nap and sigh. I am here."


We’re excited to make this well-received web serialization available in print (hardcover) for the first time; with original illustrations and calligraphy, printed in the US of A on ecopaper. May it be of benefit!


"Love is about finding one's match, which means we shall touch our minds and hearts together at once, and never condescend or aim for any goal between us but the truth." 


"I do not want my idea of you. That is too easy, and it is not real. I want you, faults and all. And I want you to want me, faults and all, not any ideas you have about love."

*All elephant orders are packed and shipped by hand and with a whole lotta love by our shop manager.