Make Boulder Weird Again - The Hat!

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Elephant's "Make Boulder Weird Again" hat is a green riff on The Donald's infamous red "Make America Great Again" hat. 

Boulder’s won a host of awards—from best educated, bike-friendly, Happiest, best place to live…but now is becoming better known for business (which is great) than progressive values, environmental-responsibility, or biking, climbing, yoga-ing, meditating, sciencing, natural foodsing or…otherwise being weird. It’s too expensive to be weird in Boulder, these days. So let’s reverse that…or at least wear a hat in tribute to the notion that being mindful, and eco, helps to create a great city that startups and tech want to move to, in the first place. 

Green cotton twill hat. Screen-printed in the USA. One size.

All elephant orders are shipped personally out of Boulder, Colorado, by Bill. Items ship in 5-7 days unless you pay for express or piss Jackson off. If you want to pick it up at our office, and save on shipping, good! That’s eco of you (especially if you bike or Ecopass over): 2031 16th St., just off Pearl. Bring us a coffee in a mug from The Laughing Goat and we'll give you a smooch.

Note: Because we couldn't find a single trucker hat that's still made in the USA (even though there's nothing more American than a trucker hat), we’re offsetting each and every hat with a humble donation to a wild horse rescue & rehabilitation center.