"Things I would like to do with You" ~ Waylon H. Lewis

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"Love is about finding one's match, which means we shall touch our minds and hearts together at once, and never condescend or aim for any goal between us but the truth." 



"Things I would like to do with You" is about love. A love for a new generation—a love that includes room for independence, change, humor...even loneliness. Poetically searching through four seasons, Things is a sweet book to curl up with.  

Includes illustrations and calligraphy by the author.



Waylon Lewis likes to think he snowshoes hut-to-hut and builds nail-less tiny houses in trees while drinking wild-crafted teas from herbs he has gathered in the woods beside his faithful half-hound, Redford. In reality, he founded Elephant Journal, is a mediocre climber and a lazy yogi, loves vegan food and bikes on the daily.