2x The Big Elephant, Little Mindful Manifesto Oversized (or not) Eco Sweatshirt.

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Get a sweatshirt for you and a loved one to cozy up together. 

Don't just talk the talk. Don't just walk the talk. Wear the Talk. It's the Big Elephant, little Manifesto "Mindful Life" sweatshirt, now on Elephant Shop. Organic, USA, veggie inks.

In Buddhism, there's a notion called "self-secret." Truth which protects itself from ego. Unless someone is willing to be curious, they won't connect with this (little) message (on the back). Kinda like the Elven Door, in Tolkien. It's invisible, until it isn't. This list isn't meant to be read at a glance. It's meant to slow us down, to be read by friends, whomever's behind us in line, whomever's truly curious—speedy shallow pushiness won't even see it, unless we slow down, and wake up.

This unisex crew sweatshirt in Pacific Blue is 100% Organic Cotton Fleece. 

*We ship ethically: with a fair-paid caring staff person, not a dark backroomed mailhouse. We ship plastic-free, with paper tape and eco boxes.

We're only doing M or XL, choose wisely, returns come with questionable karma.

Our Mindful Manifesto, as printed on the back: 

"Often the best moments of our lives arise
within the pauses between our endless hurryings.
Don't fill your gaps. Spend less time on Instagram
following half-baked Influencers and
more time reading Pema Chödrön.
We live in a head-down virtual, electronic world mind, now.
Get offline. Do something, even if it's just the dishes. 

Greet the sun, each morning.
You're not a machine—you're a poem. Open that heart—
clear that mind. When the going gets tough,
breathe in, pause, out, pause.
Breathe deeply
Dedicate yourself to being of benefit.
Aim not for perfection. Avoid nihilism. Simply: care.
Share your story to inspire others.

Shop mom n'pops—avoid local-sucking Amazon.
Do take off your shoes before walking in your front door.
Use a hemp or duck cotton shower curtain instead
of plastic/PVC.
Enjoy your coffee for-here—it traveled 3,000 miles
to get to you. Don't down it, in plastic-lined
plastic-lidded paper cup, while rat-racing away your joy.
Don't text and walk or drive. Just text fully.
Listen fully. Communicate bravely.
Eat mindfully. Laugh easily. Cry, occasionally.
Be willing to feel. Be willing to just be with Nature, fully. 

Do not long forget to be in awe of this short,
precious life.
Multitasking takes us away from the magic of
this moment.
It's all just one pause away.
It's never too late to fall in love with your life."

~ Waylon H. Lewis