(2x) The Mindful Manifesto Mug- Elephant's Insulated Klean Kanteen Eco Mug (Hot or Cold)

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The Mindful Manifesto Elephant Journal + Klean Kanteen Coffee *and* Water 16 oz insulated Eco Mug. This gift set is for 2 mugs with a $10 discount. Keep one for yourself and give one as a gift!

Get the hip, eco mug with Waylon H. Lewis’ Mindful Manifesto to inject a little mindfulness into all those busy days ahead. It’s stylish and fun—and practical, of course.


The Mindful Manifesto, as printed on the mug:

"The mindful life ain’t about the next moment.
It’s about this one.

It’s about prioritizing the fundamental joys of life.

Read Dharma Bums (get it used or at your library) by a creek on a Saturday.

Support unions & the middle class.

Support journalism—when you subscribe, read, share…fake news loses its power.

Engage in non-violent activism.

Raise a child to be kind, & pass along the stories of those who’ve bent the arc of history toward justice.

Boycott plastic to-go cups.

Work to build something awesome & useful & eco-responsible.

Bike or walk to work instead of burning oil born of suffering.

Boycott Amazon—shop local, fair-trade & secondhand—it’s better for you & our beautiful planet, both.

Get your money’s worth by really appreciating your coffee.

Support independent companies.

Meditate, each morning, to tame your own speedy busy monkey mind.

Don’t mistake fashion for integrity.

Sound your barbaric yawp.

Laugh at yourself.

Don’t make perfect the enemy of the good.

Take responsibility first.

Garden, a little.


Save the cold water you run in your shower, waiting for hot, & if using biodegradable soap water your plants with it (if not, use it to flush your toilet on #1s).

Use less TP.

Boycott palm oil, by any name.

Go vegan—if only for a meal or two a week.

Don’t text & walk or drive.

Look up at the sky, right now, & breathe in & out deeply.

It’s all just one pause away.

It’s never too late to fall in love with your life."

~ Waylon H. Lewis