How to Write a Love Letter.


Let's get (com)passionate.


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Writing a love letter to a friend, family member, or partner is one of the most meaningful and affordable and lasting gifts we can give, ever.

Let's get (com)passionate.

The ultimate love letter doesn't have to rival Shakespeare (though it can) or sweep someone off of their feet (though that's a fun bonus).


The ultimate love letter is simply a love letter that creates more love—for your sweet self, a sweet someone, or a dear friend or family member.


Join Elephant's Editor-in-Chief, Waylon Lewis, for guidance on how to write with meaning, without cliché, and straight into love.


What you'll learn:


✏️ The two ways to write a love letter, and why one might be better.

✏️ How to honestly approach love by first practicing Maitri.

✏️ How to avoid clichés in your writing.

✏️ Simple writing exercises to walk you through the process of sharing your love with those you care about—from your favorite food to your life partner.

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